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Helping young farmers earn an income they can rely on

February 13, 2019

IKEA Foundation awards Practical Action a €6.4 million grant to help smallholder farmers in Kenya The IKEA Foundation is happy to award Practical Action a grant of €6.4 million. It will be used to help young people in Kisumu and Homa Bay in Kenya to earn a decent income through sustainable farming and agricultural businesses. […] Read more

How Root Capital and the IKEA Foundation are building the resilience of smallholder farmers in East Africa

January 16, 2019

Root Capital and the IKEA Foundation are announcing a new partnership, worth €4.8 million, to help 260,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda increase their income and adapt to climate change. The grant builds on the success of a previous partnership, through which Root Capital supported dozens of Kenyan agricultural businesses, helping them break […] Read more

Helping the Red Cross stop disasters from becoming catastrophes

August 19, 2018

Prevention is better than cure. We all know that, right? For example, it is better to quit smoking than to treat lung disease. We use seat belts, helmets and life jackets to prevent injury and death. The list goes on. We know that waiting to step in until after a problem has arisen can make […] Read more

Refugees and their new communities thriving together

June 20, 2018

Passports. Birth certificates. Cherished photographs. Beloved family members. Friends. Pets. Many people are forced to leave behind all these things and more when they are threatened and forced out from their homes and communities. But no matter what they leave behind, they all bring similar things with them wherever they go: Skills. Talents. Aspirations. Sadly, many […] Read more

Power to the people who need it most

April 22, 2018

  Can you remember the last time you had a power cut—looking for the candles, cooking in their dim light and getting annoyed when you realised all your digital clocks were flashing 00:00? At the back of your mind, however, you knew the frustration wouldn’t last long…that, eventually, the power would come back on. According […] Read more

IKEA Foundation gives euro 5-million grant for welfare of poor in India, Kenya (Economic Times, September 2016)

January 31, 2017

IKEA Foundation has given a euro 5-million grant to US-based non profit organisation Habitat for Humanity to work for the welfare of the poor in India and Kenya. Read more here. Read more

Right To Play & IKEA Foundation partner to help 115,000+ refugee children build resilience through play

July 21, 2014

Two grants totaling €2.6 million will improve quality of education and access to youth programming in refugee camps. Read more

Supporting refugee children in Dadaab

March 1, 2012

Per Heggenes, Chief Executive Officer of the IKEA Foundation, visits the world’s largest refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, and shows how a $62 million gift to the United Nations’ refugee agency will help children there survive. “A refugee camp in Dadaab in Kenya is not what you would normally associate with IKEA,” Per says, “but […] Read more

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