Around Asia and Africa, thousands of children are playing their way to a better life, so we wanted to say thank you to the IKEA Foundation’s partners, IKEA co-workers and customers who got involved in the first Let’s Play for Change campaign.

During the campaign period, IKEA co-workers and customers engaged in the cause, and an amazing 12.6 million IKEA children’s products were sold.

As a result of the collaboration on the Good Cause campaign, the IKEA Foundation has donated €21.5 million* to six partners who will help thousands of vulnerable children enjoy their right to play.

From 20 November through 24 December, the campaign highlighted how the IKEA Foundation’s funding is helping children overcome a variety of challenges. By providing grants to partners working on diverse issues that affect children—such as poverty, disability and migration—the Foundation is working toward a world where all children can play, learn and develop in safe, fun environments.

Play is fundamental to the wellbeing of children—and co-workers, too! From hosting playful pillow fight competitions in IKEA Shanghai, running soft toy dress-up contests in IKEA Springvale, to having story time for children in IKEA Burbank, hundreds of IKEA co-workers from stores across the globe were instrumental in sharing the message with millions of customers.

Per Heggenes, CEO of the IKEA Foundation, said: “Thank you to all the IKEA co-workers and customers who got involved in the campaign, for taking the opportunity to hear how our partners are using our funding to change children’s lives, and for sharing that information with others. On behalf of the IKEA Foundation and all our partners, THANK YOU!”

*This donation includes an extra contribution for 2017 to give the projects the best chances of success.


Find out how Let’s Play for Change is changing children’s lives