For every soft toy or children’s book sold at IKEA stores in November and December, the IKEA Foundation will donate €1 to Save the Children and UNICEF to improve education for children living in poverty.

Since it first began thirteen years ago, the Soft Toys for Education campaign has raised nearly €77 million, reaching more than 11 million children through 99 projects in 46 countries.



Thanks to the campaign, children such as Anna, Ye Win or ten-year-old Samoun in Cambodia are able to go to better schools. Samoun’s teacher used to beat her with a stick whenever she was late to class. But Save the Children has used funding from the Soft Toys for Education campaign to educate Samoun’s teacher—and over 1,300 others in Cambodia—in child-friendly teaching techniques. Corporal punishment has been dramatically reduced from 77% in 2012 to only 19% in 2015. Read more of Samoun’s story.


New toys to help more children

This year, a new collection of toys designed by kids will help even more children get the quality education they deserve. IKEA Family invited customers’ children to design their dream soft toy. After receiving thousands of wonderful contributions, ten winners were chosen. The winning soft toys in the competition became patterns for the new collection named SAGOSKATT. Watch this film and follow the story of how these kids created soft toys came to live.


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