As the Let’s Play for Change campaign enters its third year, we are extremely proud of how our partners’ programmes are changing the lives of the many children around the world.

So far, our partners have created thousands of new safe spaces to play, helping over 250,000 children enjoy their right to play in a safe and secure environment. All children, no matter where they live, have the right to play. Play enables children to develop important life skills, such as negotiation, relationship building and physical development. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, many children are unable to play safely.

Five-year-old Subah (pictured) is just one child who has made remarkable progress thanks to the power of play.

Subah lives with her parents in Pakistan and is part of Special Olympics’ Young Athletes programme, funded through the Let’s Play for Change campaign. Subah has intellectual and mobility difficulties and was only able to play sports from her wheelchair. Less than six months after joining the Young Athletes programme, Subah was walking by herself and starting to kick a ball. Her parents described the moment as “unbelievable”.

Photo credit: Special Olympics/2018

Watch Subah and many other children enjoying their right to play

From everyone at the IKEA Foundation, the six partners you have supported through the campaign, and all the children who are happy and playing safely: THANK YOU!

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