Women can be the most important catalysts for change in their children’s lives. When women earn an income, their children are more likely to get the healthcare, nutrition and education they need. By helping families—especially women—earn a sustainable income, we help their children have better opportunities.



Skills and opportunities

Women often spend much of their own incomes on their children. This means children have better health and are more likely to stay in school. Our partners Xyntéo and UNDP are helping women in India learn marketable skills and connecting them to income opportunities.

Credit and financial training

In Kenya, we are funding a programme that gives small food production companies credit and financial training. This will help women and young people create better incomes for themselves and their families. In India, our partner PRADAN empowers women by bringing them together into groups so they can increase their income. This gives them a greater say in family and village decisions.

Livelihoods for refugees

When families are forced to leave their homes, earning an income becomes even more difficult. We fund programmes to help refugees improve their livelihoods and become more self-reliant. We work through the United Nations Refugee Agency and other organisations.


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