Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing. That’s why our in-store campaign has children’s right to play at its heart.

When children can play, they learn new skills, become more social and are better able to cope with stress. Play is so important that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises it as one of children’s fundamental human rights.

Sadly, many children around the world lack safe spaces to play.

From  20 November through 24 December, the Let’s Play for Change campaign is highlighting the IKEA Foundation’s partnerships that help children around the world play and develop, even in the most difficult circumstances.

These programmes are helping hundreds of thousands of children, thanks to the work of six partner organisations: UNICEF, Save the Children, Room to Read, Handicap International (Humanity and Inclusion), Special Olympics and War Child.


See the safe spaces helping children, play, develop and be kids!


UNICEF: China, India, Indonesia and Kenya

UNICEF has helped over 39,000  children in resource-poor  communities benefit from  early childhood development  and protection programmes


Save the Children: Bangladesh and Ethiopia

(photo credit: Save the Children/Ethiopia 2018)

Save the Children prevents the unsafe migration  of children by promoting  protection, education and  play for those on the move. So far almost 6,000 children  have played and developed  in safe spaces equipped with  child-friendly materials.


Room to Read: Bangladesh and Indonesia

(photo credit: Room to Read/Indonesia 2018)

Room to Read transforms children’s lives  by enhancing the education  they receive. Through its  work, over 79,000 children  have developed literacy and  reading skills, benefitting  from new libraries, quality  learning materials and  trained educators.


Handicap International: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand

Photo credit: Handicap International/Bangladesh 2018

Handicap International  has provided safe spaces to  play, learn and develop for  more than 2,500 displaced  children who are vulnerable  or who live with disabilities.


Special Olympics: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand

Photo credit: Special Olympics/Thailand 2018

Special Olympics has created over 10,000  safe and inclusive spaces  for children with intellectual  disabilities to develop  through sports and play.So far, almost 120,000  children have participated.


War Child: Jordan and Lebanon

Photo credit: War Child/Jordan 2018

War Child has provided, for over  13,200 children in Jordan  and Lebanon affected by  the Syrian conflict, safe  environments where they  can play, learn and develop


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