Let’s Play for Change

This year we launched our second Let’s Play for Change campaign, highlighting our partnerships that help children around the world enjoy their right to play and develop, even in the most difficult circumstances.

These programmes are helping hundreds of thousands of children, thanks to the work of six partner organisations in Asia and Africa: UNICEF, Save the Children, Room to Read, Handicap International, Special Olympics and War Child.

Thanks to these partners, children have brand-new school libraries, sports programmes that are inclusive for children with disabilities, and safe places to play in — all of which will help them develop their potential for a much brighter future.

Handicap International

Handicap International uses play-based activities to support children with disabilities and other vulnerable children in Thailand, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The programme we fund is called Growing Together and will help more than 13,000 boys and girls and their parents.

Room to Read

Millions of children around the world find hope and inspiration through books. Room to Read publishes engaging, local language children’s books and teaching materials where books are scarce, bringing books to young story-lovers.

Special Olympics

Children who take part in Special Olympics’ Young Athletes programme improve their motor skills through sport and play, building the foundation for many other areas. Together, we’re making sure children with disabilities are included, can interact with their peers, and can learn and practice important social skills.

War Child

Too many children are exposed to the horrific violence and fear that conflict brings. War Child is helping Syrian refugee children and local children in Jordan and Lebanon have a safe space where they can play, recover and just be kids again.


Early childhood is the most rapid and critical period of development in human life. UNICEF’s early childhood development programmes help families have better access to some of the most basic services children need. They provide safe spaces, education, nutrition and health support to 59,000 children in resource-poor communities in China, India, Indonesia and Kenya.

Save the Children

Thousands of children are on the move in Ethiopia today — often alone, and often forgotten. Save the Children Ethiopia creates safe spaces where migrating children can rest, learn and play.

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