September 19, 2017
The IKEA Foundation has granted Save the Children €1 million to help Rohingya children who have fled from Myanmar to... Read more
August 19, 2017
Every year on World Humanitarian Day, the IKEA Foundation honours the aid workers who risk their lives to protect others. This year we are highlighting Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the incredible, lifesaving medical care they deliver in some of the world’s most overlooked crises. Read more
June 20, 2017
For two and a half years, Azraq refugee camp in Jordan had no electricity. In winter, the 54,000 Syrian refugees here lived in complete darkness for nearly half the day. Families had a small solar lantern to study or work by, but its light would die after a few hours. In summer, when temperatures soar to 40 degrees Centigrade in the shade, food spoiled almost immediately, forcing families to walk several kilometres to the market in the scorching heat every day. Read more
June 7, 2017
In late May, fighting broke out in the southern Philippines between government forces and a local armed group. Thousands of civilians fled for their lives, and more than 50% of the population in Marawi has been evacuated from the city. The ongoing conflict in Marawi City has left children displaced, homeless and very vulnerable. Read more
July 17, 2017
In July, co-workers from IKEA Austria got to take part in an IWitness trip to UNHCR in Jordan, to see how our Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign is helping UNHCR with their work in refugee camps. Their trip included a visit Azraq camp, home to 35,000 refugees and the solar plant funded by IKEA Foundation, which is helping to bring sustainable energy into the refugee camp. Miriam Melischek writes about the experience... Go to blog
Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing. When children can play, they learn new skills, become more social and are better able to cope with stress. Sadly, many children around the world lack safe spaces to play. That’s why our new in-store campaign has children’s right to play and develop at its heart. Read more
This past April, Per Heggenes attended the Global Child Forum in São Paulo, Brazil. He shared the Foundation’s work as well as what we are doing to support children's rights. Read more
The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, switched on today the newly constructed solar plant in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp. Funded by the IKEA Foundation’s Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign, the solar farm has brought renewable power to a population that lived for two and a half years only with sporadic access to electricity... Read more