April 22, 2017
On Earth Day, the IKEA Foundation is announcing its support for a new global design competition—the Climate Action Challenge. We’re teaming up with Amsterdam-based design platform What Design Can Do and the Autodesk Foundation to run the challenge, which calls on designers and creative thinkers to find inspirational and practical ways to fight climate change and help people cope with its effects. Read more
IKEA Foundation review funding
March 13, 2017
Millions of children worldwide are enjoying happier, healthier childhoods, thanks to €142 million in grants that the IKEA Foundation gave its partners in 2016. The Foundation’s 2016 annual review, published today, shares beautiful photos and inspiring stories from throughout the year, particularly highlighting how grants are helping refugee children and enabling... Read more
Women IKEA Foundation
March 8, 2017
It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re celebrating the achievements of millions of women who are making a better life for themselves and their children, thanks to the programmes we fund. The IKEA Foundation believes that they can be the most powerful agents for change in their children’s lives. By empowering girls... Read more
February 23, 2017
A merciless war is raging in Yemen, where families were already struggling to survive after years of poverty and instability. Since the conflict escalated in March 2015, over two million people have fled their homes, placing even more stress on the communities where they seek safety, denying children food and... Read more
April 10, 2017
Last week a few lucky co-workers from IKEA Italy, visited Save the Children in Indonesia to see the impact the funding from our previous Soft Toys for Education campaign has had on children’s lives. Lucia Mandrioli writes in her blog: ‘’We’re met by children with disarming smiles and women in colourful dresses, who seem to have been waiting for us for a long time...’’ Go to blog
Play is fundamental to children’s wellbeing. When children can play, they learn new skills, become more social and are better able to cope with stress. Sadly, many children around the world lack safe spaces to play. That’s why our new in-store campaign has children’s right to play and develop at its heart. Read more
This film tells the story about the IKEA Foundation; how we work with our partners to create circles of prosperity for children and families living in some of the poorest communities in the world. Read more
On Earth Day, Amsterdam-based design platform What Design Can Do, along with the IKEA Foundation and the Autodesk Foundation, is announcing a new global design competition to help families cope with the effects of climate change. Read more