October 17, 2016
When disasters strike, children are among the most vulnerable, and humanitarian aid agencies need to be able to respond immediately to save their lives. Today we have signed agreements with two of the world’s foremost humanitarian aid organisations, Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), to potentially save the lives of thousands of children during catastrophic disasters. Read more
October 13, 2016
Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4 October, leaving such extensive damage that experts are still unsure of how many people it killed. We have given Save the Children a grant of €200,000 so they can quickly and efficiently scale up programmes to save children's lives and help families begin to recover. Read more
October 6, 2016
IKEA co-workers who won the IKEA Foundation’s internal What Design Can Do refugee challenge and IKEA managers from 11 countries were special guests Monday night at the Nansen Refugee Award ceremony, hosted by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Geneva and supported by the IKEA Foundation. Read more
ETH AWD response 2
September 7, 2016
We have given Save the Children an emergency grant of €200,000 to help children and families suffering from an outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea in Ethiopia. Read more
March 3, 2016
A few IKEA co-workers from the UK and Ireland had the unique chance to visit our Soft Toys for Education programmes with UNICEF in Rwanda. "It is clear from the children and the parents that the community is doing well since the opening of the Early Childhood centre. Plans to open another four in the next year will increase the positive impact on Rwanda and its people. We all walked away from the day feeling proud of what the IKEA Foundation has supported UNICEF in doing, and if we continue our work we will impact the many people." Says Lisa Sharpe from IKEA UK in her blog. Go to blog
Our Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign has raised a total of €30.8 million to help the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) bring light and renewable energy to refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This has made them safer, better places for the children and families who live in them. Read more
Ingvar Kamprad, our founder, says: “We all share basic needs: a secure home, good health, a regular income, a desire to keep our children safe, to see them get a good education and succeed in life. That’s why the IKEA Foundation has decided to focus our funding on these key necessities.” Read more
The IKEA Foundation has signed agreements with two of the world’s foremost humanitarian aid organisations. Read more