August 19, 2016
It’s World Humanitarian Day and we’re celebrating our partners’ amazing work to help children and families caught up in disasters and conflicts, often at their own personal risk. Read more
August 17, 2016
There's nothing more natural for parents than the desire to give their children a safe home. But how do families who flee war zones begin to rebuild their kids' sense of security? For this year's IKEA catalogue we visited our partners Better Shelter and UNHCR in Greece to see how our support is helping refugee children. The story is featured on page 161 and replicated here. Read more
August 16, 2016
Imagine being a child and getting a treasure box of toys! Even better, imagine getting a treasure box of toys that help you develop essential skills, such as creativity and critical thinking. Earlier this year, a team from the IKEA catalogue visited our partner UNICEF in the Union of the Comoros to see how our support is helping children who need support in early childhood education. The story is featured on page 59 and replicated here. Read more
WDCD finalists
July 7, 2016
We can now reveal the winners of the What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge, and share their ideas to make life better for urban refugees. The IKEA Foundation announced the five winning entries at What Design Can Do Live in Amsterdam on Friday 1 July. Read more
March 3, 2016
A few IKEA co-workers from IKEA Belgium had the unique chance to visit refugee camps with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in Jordan. "This trip has lit a fire in our hearts. One of the fascinating characteristics of fire is that you can light as many candles as you wish, they will never go out. We hope that our testimonials will touch your heart, and break the armouries of indifference, fear and misunderstanding." They have gathered their experiences and unforgettable memories in blogs and photos, inviting you to join their journey this way. Go to blog
Our Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign has raised a total of €30.8 million to help the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) bring light and renewable energy to refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This has made them safer, better places for the children and families who live in them. Read more
Ingvar Kamprad, our founder, says: “We all share basic needs: a secure home, good health, a regular income, a desire to keep our children safe, to see them get a good education and succeed in life. That’s why the IKEA Foundation has decided to focus our funding on these key necessities.” Read more
On World Humanitarian Day (19 August), the IKEA Foundation is calling on businesses and foundations to step up. Read more
Which idea will win the Refugee Challenge? Public and experts vote for shortlist. Read more