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Fighting child labour

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Promoting children’s rights & fighting the root causes of child labour

Millions of school-age children worldwide are not in school, leaving them vulnerable to abuse, neglect or exploitation. We support programmes that promote children’s rights and fight child labour.

To end child labour, we are addressing the reasons why children work. We fund projects that give children access to education, help families find other ways to support themselves economically, and educate communities to change attitudes towards child labour.


Fast facts

  • Since 2000, we’ve committed over €80 million to UNICEF and Save the Children to fight the root causes of child labour in India and Pakistan.
  • Our programmes with UNICEF and Save the Children have already helped 12 million children in India and Pakistan have access to better schools, better-trained teachers and better protection from having to work. We’re extending the programmes to reach many millions more.
  • In 2013, we developed a new partnership with Forest Trends that will help families from the Surui and Yawanawa tribes of Brazil develop sustainable ways to protect their rainforest homelands and improve their family incomes.



Better education

If children are working, they aren’t going to school. Out-of-school children—particularly girls—are much more vulnerable to neglect and abuse. Through our long-term funding and our Soft Toys for Education campaign, we fund programmes that improve the quality of free education by developing teachers’ skills, improving schools’ infrastructures and making schools child-friendly learning environments.




Higher household incomes

Children often work because their families do not have the money to feed and support them. We are helping families in India, Pakistan and Brazil increase their household incomes by providing training in marketable skills or running a small business, and helping them access government programmes.




Changing opinions

To achieve lasting change, people’s opinions about children and labour practices must change. The programmes we support through UNICEF and Save the Children reach out to farmers, community leaders and families, opening their eyes to the dangers children face while working in fields and factories, and building their support for children’s right to an education.


Here are some of the partners we work with to fight the root causes of child labour


Aajeevika Bureau

Forest Trends



Save the Children 



Save the children
Half the Sky Movement
Lila Poonawalla Foundation
Refugees United
The Earth Institute
Refugee Housing
War Child
Right to Play
Forrest Trends