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We’re working toward a world where children living in poverty have more opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their families.We do this by focusing on three main areas:Better lives for refugee childrenFighting child labourEmpowering women and girls

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Fighting child labour
Fighting child labour

IKEA has worked with Save the Children and UNICEF for over a decade to fight the root causes of child labour in India and Pakistan. With our programmes we will reach millions of children by 2017.

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Empowering women and girls
Empowering women and girls

Women are the most important catalysts for changing their children’s lives. By empowering women we can improve children’s health, education and future opportunities.

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Better lives for refugee children
Better lives for refugee children

Every year millions of children lose almost everything during natural disasters and conflicts. We support a number of partners to help provide shelter, care and education to refugee families.

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November 29, 2015

On 29 November the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign returns to IKEA stores worldwide to raise millions of euros for refugees. The donation will help provide solar street lights, solar-powered lanterns and solar energy systems for refugees and host communities in and around UNHCR refugee camps in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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The IWitness blog is written by small groups of IKEA co-workers, visiting Save the Children, UNICEF and UNHCR projects funded by the IKEA Foundation. It’s an opportunity to see first-hand what a difference IKEA’s yearly Good Cause campaigns are making in the lives of children living in poverty.

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Creating better opportunities for millions of children

We’re working toward a world where children living in poverty have more opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their families.

We fund long-term programmes to fight child labour, empower women and girls, and support refugee children and families.

We also build long-term programmes to support families living near IKEA’s global supply chain, and provide support and IKEA products for children caught in disasters and conflicts.

Thanks to dedicated IKEA co-workers and loyal customers, we were able to give €104 million in 2014 to fund programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities.


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